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Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Overhead sprinklers as opposed to drip systems or soaker hoses are best to water lawns. The cost to have an in-ground irrigation system installed will vary widely, but you can expect to pay $2,000 to $5,000 on average. In addition to installing the lawn sprinkler system, the irrigation consultant will advise you on an appropriate design or layout for your landscape and what components will be necessary.

Whether you have an in-ground an above-ground portable sprinkler system, be sure it is adjusted so water stays low to the ground and is not being sent as mist high in the air where the water evaporates.

Whatever method of watering your lawn you use, make sure the water is being distributed in a uniform fashion and that you have overlapping. Use the "catch can" test to check for uniformity as well as to determine the rate at which water is being delivered. Place several pet food or tuna cans along the distance of the entire water throw of the sprinkler. Make note of the amount of time the water sprinkler ran, and the amount of water collected in the cans.

If the level of water in the catch cans is unequal, you need to adjust the sprinkler system. Also, by noting the amount of water collected in the cans and the amount of time the sprinkler system was running, you will know how long you can run your irrigation system in order to deliver the amount of water you want on your lawn. You will typically want to deliver one or two inches at once, one time a week. However, if your soil is compacted and is susceptible to puddling, then you may need to water twice a week.

By knowing what your water delivery rate is, you can run the irrigation system for the appropriate amount of time. For example, if it takes 1-hour to deliver one inch of water and that is the amount of water you want to apply, then you know you can shutoff the water at 1-hour and don't need to run it any longer.

An underground sprinkler system is not only a convenient way to water your lawn, but it also uses water in an efficient manner.




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