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Moving Trend Toward Organic

Many lawn care products are highly toxic and manufacturers of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are campaigning to tidy their image and are touting the health and lifestyle benefits of thick,green lawns.

Healthy Lawns

Tips for improving the health of your lawn:

A recent survey sponsored by Organic Gardening magazine in conjunction with the National Gardening Association estimates that of the 90 million U.S. households with yards, about 5 million are exclusively using organic methods, 31 million are using a combination of organic and chemical methods and 35 million are using primarily chemical methods, indicating there is a significant portion of people interested in or are moving toward organic methods.

The green industry has reason to worry. Increasing concern about the impact of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers on human health and the environment is fueling a movement to ban or restrict the "cosmetic" or "aesthetic" use of artificial chemicals for lawns and gardens. Over the last several years, the pesticide industry has successfully lobbied state legislatures to pass "pre-emption laws." These give states responsibility for pesticide regulation and prevent cities and towns from enacting their own laws. And you thought you lived in a democracy!

By most accounts, the number of lawn care companies touting a natural, organic approach is rising rapidly. At least one traditional lawn care company is developing its own line of organic products - although there's no agreement on what "organic" means.

I don't use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, encouraging valuable insects like ladybugs, praying mantisis, and spiders to take up residence. A couple of lawn snakes and an application of castor oil solution (to make the worms taste bad) make the moles go elsewhere.

I let grass clippings lay on the yard to decompose into valuable lawn food. Worms turn the soil and leave behind valuable castings. Lawn damaging grubs are controlled with parasitic nematodes. Compost and hand-picking control the garden weeds.




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