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Fertilizer Prices Rising

Homeowners will pay more to keep grass green. Because of higher petroleum prices, lawn fertilizer prices are expected to shoot up 20 percent or more. Lawn service companies are absorbing some of the costs, but the rest are being passed on to homeowners with rate increases as much as 10 percent on yearly bills that can run from $200 to $500, depending on yard size and the number of applications. Do-it-yourselfers have already seen the price increases when buying a bag of fertilizer at garden centers.

How to Control Garden Weeds Organically

Weeds will choke the life out of your garden. But if you're concerned about the environment, you worry about the affects of using chemical herbicides. Use these organic methods to combat plant pests.

Pull weeds by hand using a hoe or a weed knife. This is one of the most efficient ways to get rid of weeds without harming the environment.

Lay down a thick layer of mulch. Mulch shades the surface of the soil, preventing weed seeds from germinating.

Use a weed barrier mat prior to planting to prevent weeds from emerging. Weed barrier mats are dark colored allowing you to plant earlier in the season. Dark colors absorb heat, which warms the chilly spring soil.

Keep weeds under control. They are easier to deal with when there are only a few of them in your garden.

It is easiest to control young weeds that haven't gone to seed.

When hand pulling weeds, try to get all of the roots. Also, weeds pull easier from damp soil.

Organic Gardening (OG)magazine is hugely informative when it comes to finding ways to live without pesticides.

The fertilizer industry gets a "double hit" from high fuel prices with the petroleum products that go into fertilizer and with higher shipping costs, forcing them to increase prices. Lawn service companies said the increases are some of the worst in memory.

It is suggested that homeowners first test their soil before they begin applying fertilizers or getting a service.  The soil test can be an eye-opener, and reveal the lawn doesn't need it or only needs a light application, and not the overfertilization that is all too common.

A lawn is a valuable addition to every home environment and most homeowners want to keep their lawn looking green and healthy so it adds beauty and enjoyment. With higher fertilizer costs and the growing concern about the impact of synthetic fertilizers on human health, for many, natural or "organic" lawn options seem to be the way to go.




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